To WordPress, or not to WordPress

To be or not to be… This famous phrase coming from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, is quite literally, the character’s pondering of committing suicide.

When building up your business website, choosing a Content Management System could have everlasting effects, and taking the next step correctly is vital to long term survival. But how to make the right choice?  Ask the experts, of course! At Elixir Creative, we exclusively use WordPress and believe it is the perfect choice for your small business, church, school, non-profit, or campaign.

The Supposed “Not to be…”

Some web designers claim that WordPress is not a good choice for small businesses. We have compiled their claims here along with our thoughts.

Adding content & editing is too tricky – This is an interesting claim. Some of us have been using WordPress for a decade, and while it has definitely needed (and received) improvements, it has always been one of the easier Content Management Systems (CMS) to use. WordPress had been locked down as a CMS tool and was somewhat tricky to edit certain components such as fonts, colors, and the like. However, with the addition of easier to navigate Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and now tools and themes that do much of the work for you, WordPress is easier than ever. AND since the recent Gutenberg upgrade (the most talked about WordPress update ever) it’s even easier to add and edit content on your WordPress site. Adding and editing content is easy, and if you do need help, Elixir Creative is there to help at the best value.

Too many updates – Sure, WordPress and any additional plugins you use have updates. But I’m not certain why this is a negative. As features get added you get them, as security patches are made available you get those too. Most updates take just a couple of seconds. But of course, there is a plus side for clients of Elixir Creative, no updates EVER! That’s because we manage your updates so that you don’t have to worry about it. p.s. we also provide 24/7 monitoring of your site and daily backups, too. 🙂

Security is terrible – Another notable concern with WordPress in the early years was security holes. Because WordPress was the most sought after CMS, hackers everywhere were trying to do anything they could to post a link or get a referral for their own business by maliciously inserting some code on your site. This was terrible. However, it was quick to address. With the proper security measures brute-force attacks were mitigated, two-factor authentication was added to help users with overall login security, and plugins & other WordPress updates were handled auto-magically. Yep, we took security to a higher level without the added cost.

Customization requires code – “CODE” is a big scary word to most people. But when you realize that your entire site is actually built with code on the backend, it doesn’t sound so bad. In reality, people that complain that site customizations require code means they don’t understand what to do, and we get it; when there’s a plumbing leak we call a plumber. But that’s why we are here. We exist to ensure that you don’t have to worry about moving a picture or stretching a column, we can do exactly what you need with your site. The idea of “custom” has always meant more money, and while nothing is free in this life, we do understand how to stretch a dollar – with over 75% of the customization requests we get being included in the initial site design.

Super Expensive – With the addition of new CMS platforms over the years, we get it that there are numerous companies dangling the $10-20/ month carrot in front of your face. But this comes with its own share of problems. 1. you have to do the work, 2. how you show up (or if you show up) on Google and Bing is affected, 3. you are forced in to templates that look like everyone else’s site, 4. you have to pay a few extra dollars per month for each bell or whistle that you want. Our monthly hosting price is the same regardless of what features you have. Less than 15% of our clients utilize super advanced features that incur extra monthly costs. Our goal is to help you be successful, and we can only do that if we charge a FAIR price.

To be…

Any designer that claims that WordPress is not a good choice for small businesses simply hasn’t used WordPress in the last few years and/or hasn’t stayed up to date with all the changes. Maybe they like their CMS system of choice. And, that’s fine. But here at Elixir Creative we use WordPress exclusively and we believe it is a great tool. Further we provide numerous bells & whistles that we include with all our hosting packages to ensure that you have less to worry about than with other WordPress providers.

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