Twitter Header

Something look odd with your Twitter header? You’re not alone.

According to Twitter, the recommended size for your twitter header is 1500px by 500px. But for some weird reason, when you do exactly what they tell you to do, some of your image still gets cut off. While we aren’t quite sure why they do this (probably due to numerous devices using the same image), we have found the solution.

In the print world, you have what is called your safe-area and then you also have the area around that safe-area that might be cut off when the final product is cut down to size. For instance if the printer wants the ability to cut off .125″ then you want to make sure you have at least .125″ on each side, plus an extra .125″ in case the blade shifts. As a result you have to bring your text and/or graphics inside a bit more so something important doesn’t get cut off.

For the simple Twitter header, the same is true. We have determined that the safe-area for your header image is actually 1390x420px. This is not to say you should upload an image that is 1390×420, but to make sure that the important graphics and text are inside that safe space.

Some designers have suggested the idea of simply designing and then uploading an image of 1263px by 421px. While Twitter will not crop the image at that size, it will also not be in perspective when Twitter adapts the image to other browsers and screen sizes. The best thing to do is to create the size that Twitter is asking for. Just know that you’ll have a little extra work to do to ensure that nothing gets cut off. Better yet, know that you don’t have any work to do, because Elixir can take care of this for you!

Twitter Header is a recommended size of 1500×500. However, one should be sure to keep text & graphics from edges.
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