Stories can do it

Will the next chapter of advertising be written in stories? Will agencies have stories departments, and should award shows add a stories category?

Stories has become the preferred way for people to share with friends, family, and followers. And right now, there are one billion of them being shared across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp around the world every single day1 – stories is where it all happens, and stories ads put your brand at the center of what matters.

Stories Can Do It

To highlight stories’ impact on culture, business, commerce and society, Facebook’s new global campaign Stories Can Do It leverages the creative power of Stories across the Facebook family of apps to push the conversation in the industry.

The campaign will first launch in North America with ads running across Facebook, Instagram, other digital channels and print, and a new website with creative inspiration, client success stories, best practices and resources for building stories ads.

In the New York market, the campaign will launch at Advertising Week New York, with out-of-home ads and live activations during the event. During Advertising Week New York, Facebook will be partnering with local animal shelter Sean Casey Animal Rescue to use the reach of stories to help raise awareness and get available shelter dogs adopted.

Businesses embrace vertical

The rise in vertical consumer behavior has become a catalyst for brands to evolve how they reach people in ways they’re already communicating. And increasingly, we’ve seen businesses across industries embrace the opportunity on stories to drive their business objectives.

For example, luxury car maker Acura ran a first-of-its-kind Instagram campaign for the launch of their new ILX sedan that included allowing users to customize an ILX using stickers on stories. The overall campaign achieved impressive results, including an 11-point lift in brand awareness and a significant increase in qualified traffic to the website.

Learn more about stories

Stories don’t just influence culture. They create it–over a billion times, every day. And now stories are re-shaping the advertising industry. Learn more at .

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