Designing a Logo

Logo design is an interesting animal. On one hand, it’s one of the key players in your brand identity and should have a lot of attention and care put into it. On the other hand, your customer might only glance at it for a second. This is why effective logo design is so important. It has to demand the attention of the viewer while simultaneously expressing what your brand is.

A good logo should draw people in, but not be obnoxious. It is quite the balancing act. Not to mention, the logo is usually one of the first steps in developing an entire identity. In other words, a good logo can lead to good branding in general. This is why hiring a designer is such a good idea. A good logo is the jumping off point to good design. A bad logo can tank design before it even gets off the ground, having a very negative effect on a company’s credibility. Designers know the ins and outs of logo design and can avoid the pitfalls amateurs tend to stumble into. 

So does that mean you shouldn’t try? Heck no! You know more than anyone about what you want to express.  That being said, logo design is immensely difficult. Even designers have trouble with it. Expressing an abstract idea has been and continues to be an extremely tough undertaking.  If you try your hand at it and aren’t satisfied, don’t be afraid to consult a designer. We might even be able to take what you have created so far, but didn’t quite hit the mark with, and bring it to that next level, turning it into something successful. Even if you are satisfied with what you created, it is still worthwhile to pass it in front of a designer for some input. We can pinpoint exactly what you might want to highlight, what is important, what can fall into the background, and what can be disposed of altogether or what needs to be added.

So, while reading that last paragraph, were you silently saying to yourself “but what about the cost?” Design fees are sometimes a difficult pill to swallow, especially when you think you know what you want and how to do it. But when a professional evaluates your logo along with your mission, messaging, colors, strategy and many other facets of who you are, you will not be disappointed with the results. It puts a second set (or a whole team) of eyes on your logo situation, and those eyes and minds have been through dozens of successful logo creation projects. No one likes to pay something for nothing, or invest their time and anxiety only to end up with a deflated result; which is exactly why the added credibility of a good logo far outweighs the cost.

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